God's Work

  • Finance the education of our young sisters
  • Help to educate children in Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil and India

  • Mission Foundation PHJC

    The Mission Foundation PHJC was founded from the sisters of the congregation of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and is situated in Dernbach, Germany. The main purpose of the foundation is the promotion of the missionary work of the Dernbacher Sisters – the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. That means that the foundation finances (or partially finances) projects that aim to maintain schools, boardings, nurseries, orphanages, hospitals, community health centers and senior citizens homes. It supports the pastoral, social and educational work of the sisters and, in certain cases, individual people in need

    To the Mission Foundation PHJC belongs the Leonidis-Foundation located at Wenden-Schönau, Germany. This foundation was founded by the family of our beloved deceased Sister Leonidis. It supports particularly the education of children in India, thus pursuing the work of Sr. Leonidis.

    If you wish to know more about Mission Foundation PHJC, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Donations to Mission Foundation PHJC or Leonidis-Foundation:

    IBAN: DE19 3706 0193 3012 7120 13

    Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
    IBAN: DE13 3702 0500 0001 2770 00

    PAX-Bank (Leonidis)
    IBAN: DE66 3706 0193 3012 0980 30

  • How will your donation be used?

    School uniforms and books
    Medical supplies
    Equipment and supplies for a rural hospital
    Furnishings for the children's home
    Fees for the education of our young sisters
    Purchase of food items

  • Donation Account

    Generalat ADJC
    56428 Dernbach
    Westerwaldbank e.G.
    IBAN: DE81 5739 1800 0015 5700 16

  • Supporting the Mission

    If you are a US donor, you can make your donation from the PHJC American Province secure website by clicking here. To secure your donation to a specific mission area, we urge you to send donations directly to: Sr. Julia Dillmann, ADJC, Generalprokuratorin, Postfach 47, 56428 Dernbach/Deutschland. Please be aware of the tax credit laws in your specific country.

    We invite you to print and mail the form below: Donate by Mail (pdf) Currency Conversion: http://www.x-rates.com