Final Vows of Sister Maria do Carmo and First vows from Sister Maria Valdiana dos Santos Sousa



Final Vows of Sister Maria do Carmo


“Follow me!” Mk 1, 17




Religious life is its own way of living, for people who follow the Call of Christ.


He is looking over us full of love, He is calling us, He is shaping us and He is sending us.


So we can show His presence in this world.




Our Sister Maria do Carmo answered His call with our religious family as Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. She has always tried to follow God’s wishes and be concerned about the poor and lonely brothers and sisters in our society.




Our whole congregation was happy about her final „Yes“, her final vows.


Together with her family members and the whole parish, we celebrated Holy Mass in her hometown days before her profession. It was a time full of joy, meeting with each other, intense feelings, and gratitude. On Januar 21st Sister Maria do Carmo made her final vows in the parish Árvore Verde in the chapel of Holy Sebastian. In the presense of the bishop from the diocese, Dom Juarez, Sister Barbara and Sister Shirley from the Generalate, all sisters from the Pro-Region in Brazil, her family and friends and the whole parish.




We enjoyed the days with gratitude to God and were thankful for the attendance of our sisters, the participation of her family and the whole parish.


Thanks be to God the Lord! Everything is the fruit of His love!




First vows from Sister Maria Valdiana dos Santos Sousa


“May your light guide my steps.” Psalm 113




Our religious family rejoiced with praise and glory on February 3rd 2018 because our young Sister Maria Valdiana dos Santos Sousa said her „Yes“ to God. In front of the altar and in the presence of her family, the sisters from the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and the whole parish, she made her vows to live in poverty, obedience and chastity in service of God’s Kingdom and to follow the footsteps of our foundress Blessed Mother Mary Katherine.    




The whole celebration and the following hours were filled with great gratitude to God, because one more young woman had chosen to give herself to be part of this religious family. May God’s grace guide the steps of Sister Valdiana and give her strength so she will be able to help the poorest of the poor. May the meaning of this great step awake a real desire in the hearts of many young women to follow Jesus Christ in our Congregation.