Sr. Germaine visits Brazil

Kneeling left to right: Novice Sr. Maria Antônia, Srs. Magna, Navegantes, Raimunda.
Standing left to right: Sr. Mary Ann, Calilla, Srs. Maria do Carmo, Consolação, Germanine and Novice Sr. Leila.

It was with great joy that we welcomed Sr. Germaine to Brazil to conduct a three week course on the life and spirituality of Mother Mary. The participants were five of our Junior Sisters, our two novices and a young woman in vocational discernment with us. The course included lectures, group work followed by group sharing, days of retreat, special prayer experiences and enough time also for many fun moments. As shared in the evaluation of one of the participants, “The course was not only a time to learn and obtain more information about Mother Mary, it was much more a time of really being immersed in the life and spirituality of Mother Mary and consequently I also felt immersed in my own life and my spirituality.”