Royal Honour 2015: 19 Royal awards ceremony

A.M. Sister Hermana Brand (80) from Geleen

Mayor Sjraar, on the occasion of King's, bestowed upon 19 residents of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen a Royal Honour. The area Sittard-Geleen gained 15 Members in the Order of Orange-Nassau and 4 Knights in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Under the Knights are one woman and three men.

Sister Hermana had established in the past the collection center, de baken' in Geleen a refuge for disadvantaged people who fell through the societal ‘cracks’.This organization was carried out with only volunteers. She was also the founder of a shelter for prostitutes. She is a board member of the Foundation, Catholic Tamil care of the Diocese of Roermond, founder of the House Katharina in Sittard, a board member of the Dutch Religious Conference and founder of the Catherine Kasper Foundation, a home care organization that mainly cares about people who need help – also without indication.

She was made a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.